TuringNet Al Platform Bounty

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TuringNet Al Platform


Start date: 9/17/2018

Total Value: 60.000 TNETP

Platform Token: TNETP

Rules 1. Link all your accounts. 2. Follow or subscribe to all official project accounts. 3. Invite as many people as possible to the bounty program and make sure they follow official twitter account and subscribe subreddit so that you earns points for twitter and reddit referral. 4. You can also earn tokens by contributing high-quality content to the project community on telegram, twitter or reddit. This can include anything from posting your thoughts, answering questions, creating project memes/videos and more. Be creative! You’ll be rewarded. 5. Your referral bonus is determined by the rewards your invited friends get daily. The amount of your friends' rewards * 30% = your daily bonus. 6. This campaign strictly follows the rules and policies on all related social platforms (Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and etc.). Any type of spam has no affiliation with the campaign and is also against our intention and policy. All rights reserved. 7. DON'T CHEAT! CHEATERS HURT THE COMMUNITY AND WILL BE BANNED IMMEDIATELY!

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