Kineticex video review Bounty

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Kineticex video review


Start date: 8/20/2018

Total Value: $400

Platform Token: KRC

ONLY FOR THE FIRST 200 PARTICIPANTS Airdrop / bounty pool is assigned to the Creative campaign (YouTube / Facebook / Twitter): Awards for ICO review videos ( or site review ( An example of a video review well done ( ) Do not review the kineticex airdrop, just the ico or the site. Main languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian and Romanian.Also other languages ​​are welcome. - All publications must be original and will be measured according to their quality, length, audience and creativity. - Each campaign member must publish on YouTube at least one video and share the video on their social media (Facebook and Twitter). - Each campaign member must join the telegram groups:. - The quality of the content has no measurable parameters and will be judged based on the number of likes on social and YouTube . To apply for this campaign, please complete the form. - Reward: * For each ICO review video or site review each candidate will be rewarded with 4000 KRC (1 KRC = 0.00025 ETH). * The first 3 most watched videos will receive a reward as follows: third place 8000 KRC, second place 10.000 KRC and first place 15.000 KRC. -The campaign ends on September 20th, 2018 or at the achievement of 200 video reviews -The first 3 winners will be announced on the Telegram groups - The distribution of prizes (tokens KRC) for the first 3 winners will be made on September 30th 2018 instead for the rest of the participants after 14 days from the end of the ICO.

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