Bolton coin BFCL Exclusive

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Bolton coin BFCL


Start date: 1/4/2019

Total Value: 10$ + ref

Platform Token: ERC20

BOLTON Coin STO, is officially presenting on January 17th 2019 at Dubai Mall Venue, the Bolton Foundation. We are celebrating this philanthropic event, giving 10 BFCL to the first 10.000 users just doing these tasks: 1. Make a short video-selfy and spread it on your social networks (say who you are , where do you come from and say nicely that you are supporting Bolton Fundation)- only English is accepted (6 BFCL) 2. Join our Telegram groups (2 BFCL) 3. Follow us on Twitter and retweet (2 BFCL) 4. Submit your details to the BOT 5. Get unique referral link to invite your friends❗️ Get extra 2 BFCL tokens by using your referral link to invite your friends! (max 20 ref)

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