@huobiglobalofficialvietnam Bounty

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Start date: 9/15/2018

Total Value: 1 HPT= $0.007

Platform Token: HPT

?Exclusive! @huobiglobalofficialvietnam is hosting a 3,500,000 HPT rewards bounty for 7 days! (This bounty is only available for Vietnam users.) ?Join the bounty at https://huobi.bounty.global/ ⏰Time: September 15 - September 21 (UTC) ?Total reward pool: 3,500,000 HPT (=$25,000) ?1 HPT= $0.007 What is Huobi Pool Token (HPT)? Huobi Pool Token, or HPT in short, is an ecological sub-token based on Huobi Token (HT). A total amount of approximately 10 billion HPTs are issued, and the targets include HT holders, community users of Huobi Pool and other targets. More info about HPT: http://bit.ly/2xdd8cB How to claim your reward? After the bounty ends, you need to enter your Huobi UID to receive your bounty rewards. Your UID is the number associated with your account once you are registered on Huobi. If you dont have or know your UID, you need to go to Huobi.com and sign in/ register. From there, go to the account & security page, found on the top right drop down menu to find your Huobi UID.

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