HARA Bounty

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Start date: 9/27/2018

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Platform Token: ERC20

Hara Bounty! ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 1) Bounty manager: leoffilnomcross 2) Bounty/ICO period: September 27th - October 29th 3) Bounty budget: 600k HART Tokens allocated to Bounties (1 HART ~ $ 0,059 USD) 4) Bounties: HART Tokens Translations 360k Tokens Signature 240k Tokens 5) Signature Campaign - Stakes per Week Jr Member 1 Stake Member 5 Stakes Full Member 10 Stakes Sr Member 15 Stakes Hero/Legendary Member 20 Stakes Avatar required (Full member or higher rank) Airdrop: https://haratoken.io/tokengiveaway-eng #crypto #bounty #coinboosting

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